Curating New Media

Sun­day Decem­ber 2, 2001 10:00 — 5:00 p.m.
Arts Court The­atre, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, Canada

A one-day pub­lic forum on the top­ic of the cur­rent state of new media art and its place with­in our gal­leries and production/distribution cen­ters, fol­low­ing from recent sem­i­nars on new media curat­ing co-host­ed by CRUMB in Eng­land (Baltic, May 2001; Media Cen­tre Hud­der­s­field, Octo­ber 2001). With mod­er­a­tors Sara Cook of Cura­to­r­i­al Resource Upstart Media Bliss and Nina Czegledy of Crit­i­cal Media. The sym­po­sium rep­re­sents a time­ly and unique oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­sid­er and dis­cuss among peers from across Cana­da, the issues aris­ing from the bur­geon­ing field of new media, high­light­ing some of the fis­sures and oppor­tu­ni­ties that have arisen in the shift­ing ground between tra­di­tion­al, insti­tu­tion­al­ly-based cura­to­r­i­al prac­tice and new mod­els less bound to spe­cif­ic locales. It seeks to ini­ti­ate a dia­logue between artists, venues, fun­ders and audi­ences by defin­ing and dis­cussing rel­e­vant issues and Cana­di­an practice.

The event will be com­prised of three ses­sions, cen­tered on the key areas of Pro­duc­tion, Dis­tri­b­u­tion, and Con­sump­tion. Each ses­sion will fea­ture 2 to 3 pre­sen­ta­tions fol­lowed by open dis­cus­sion. The pre­sen­ta­tions will focus pri­mar­i­ly on inclu­sive, over­all issues of pro­duc­ing, pre­sent­ing and expe­ri­enc­ing new media in Cana­da and will be illus­trat­ed by nov­el approach­es, prac­ti­cal exam­ples and will indi­cate direc­tions to take in the future. These include: the shift­ing rela­tion­ship of art to indus­try the hybrid role of artist-cura­tor online communities/local com­mu­ni­ty edu­ca­tion glob­al net­work dis­sem­i­na­tion the chang­ing role of muse­ums and col­lec­tions the cre­ation of new media pro­duc­tion cen­ters in region­al gal­leries, audi­ence inter­ac­tiv­i­ty art and sci­ence collaborations.

Sym­po­sium sched­ule and speak­er list:
10:00am TEA/COFFEE
Intro­duc­tions from Renee Baert, Nina Czegledy and Sarah Cook
10:30 – 12:15 PRODUCTION
Nichola Feld­man-Kiss (artist, Ottawa)
Michelle Kasprzak (artist and co-cura­tor of year.01, Toronto)
Cather­ine Richards (artist, Ottawa)
12:15 — 13:45 LUNCH BREAK
13:45 – 15:00 DISTRIBUTION
Kath­leen Pir­rie-Adams (Inter­ac­cess Gallery, Toronto)
Skawen­nati Tri­cia Frag­ni­to (inde­pen­dent cura­tor, cyber­pow­wow, Montreal)
15:00 — 15:20 TEA/COFFEE BREAK
15:20 — 16:50 CONSUMPTION
Jean Gagnon (Fon­da­tion Daniel Lan­glois, Montreal)
Liane Davi­son (Sur­rey Art Gallery, Sur­rey BC)
And speak­er TBA
16:50 — 17:00 CONCLUDING REMARKS — Sarah Cook and Nina Czegledy

CURATING NEW MEDIA received gen­er­ous sup­port from the Cana­da Coun­cil for the Arts and the Ottawa Art Gallery.Trinity Square Video and CRITICAL MEDIA pre­sen­ta­tion Thurs­day, Octo­ber 11, 2001 9pm

Critical Media